Junior Chamber Music (JCM)

Junior Chamber Music (JCM) provides professional chamber music experience to talented young musicians (instrumentalists and vocalists, ages 9-20) in Southern California. The program started in 2003 under the belief that one of the most powerful ways to learn and experience music is through teamwork. The participants, chosen from annual auditions, are matched into small groups of two to five people according to their age, level and location. The groups receive coachings from JCM’s roster of world-class musicians in the area and participate in various workshops, tours and concerts. Working in duos, trios, quartets, and quintets have timely benefits to the young performers that blossom in this type of intimate group setting. At a stage of life when peer influence is so powerful, chamber music provides the perfect opportunity for positive peer group dynamics, allowing a safe outlet for artistic exploration, creativity and expression. JCM connects young lives together based on the common interest of their love for music.

Winter Camp Program

JCM will coach and proctor rehearsals for pre-formed ensembles, culminating in a mini-concert at the end of camp. This is an excellent opportunity for younger (4-8th grade) JCM groups to get help getting started. Coaches can help with fingering, counting, and basic rehearsal techniques. Daily mentoring will help gouprs in for JCM workshops and other performance opportunities.

Ensembles do not need to be current members of JCM, but do need to be pre-formed with prepared repertoire before the camp. Please email the Junior Chamber Music Director for questions: susan@juniorchambermusic.org.

For more info: www.juniorchambermusic.org