2 Days a Week

Start with more training 2 days a week. Perfect for the younger students who want to discover various academic, artistic, athletic, and after-school activities.
DCSA Tax deductible.


3 Days a Week

Our enrichment providers will provide athletic and artistic (Currently: music. Coming soon: fine arts) training and our Genius Club will make sure that your child has a solid academic base.
DCSA Tax deductible.


4 Days a Week

When your child starts to develop high interest and become competitive in one or two areas, this is the plan to grow into. Increased intensity and frequency.
DCSA Tax deductible.


5 Days a Week

Train and get to competitive levels in academics, arts, and athletics then stay there. This is for exceptionally competitive youngsters who are dedicated to maximizing their potential.
DCSA Tax deductible.


A-la-carte Plan

For 5th through 10th grade athletes and artists to excel academically. This is an affordable plan for your young athletes and artists to stay on track and balanced. Help from our expert proctors and advisers, space to get work done, etc. College advising services can be added.

Contact us for pricing. Scholarships available from Lyceum Foundation.

The Lyceum Village K8 Membership Program will enable your child to:

  • Finish homework and projects.
  • Prepare for tests and quizzes.
  • Get help from genius proctors.
  • Access to high-level STEAM programs.
  • Engage in sports, physical activity, and practice.
  • Learn proper etiquette amongst their friends and peers.
  • Practice effective communication skills through speech and debate programs.
  • Have the opportunity to discover and delve deeply into interests and hobbies.
  • And much more…All before returning home for dinner with the family.

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